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Singing Lessons

Nel is an open and experienced vocal tutor, working with all ages and abilities in one to one, group and online singing lessons.

She tailors her lessons around each students individuals needs, be that: building confidence, working towards performances or grades.


Lessons centre around healthy practice and technique and instil confidence in the singer. She believes each lesson should be fun, unique and educational.

Singing Lessons Leeds

Hackney Music Services

MGR Music

Primary and secondary schools

Global Music Foundation

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"Nel is an amazing teacher, completely committed to bringing students to their own understanding of their musicality. As well as teaching the traditional techniques and practices of singing such as training in breath, rhythm, tone, ear and aspects of musical theory and interpretation as these relate to singing, Nel is brilliant at getting students to engage with singing as a broader practice as this relates to students lives, their broader experience, self development, identity and emotions."  Shona

"Nel keeps lessons fun and stress free and immensely enjoyable! She works hard to help find ways of improving your voice, posture and mindset when singing and performing. Nel  is always finding ways of helping you improve and progress as a singer, but does so at your own pace. I'm always eager to come to lessons each week!"  Nico

"I can honestly say that during our sessions I've learned so much and have genuinely enjoyed every single lesson. I think that it wasn't easy for me at the beginning to feel comfortable and find confidence but with a teacher like Nel everything just started falling into place with time. I would highly recommend taking lessons with Nel, she's a wonderful spirit and so much fun to be around!"  Alicja

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